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History of ICS

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Back in 1974, The Instrumentation and Control Society was previously known as the Singapore section, Instrument Society of America (ISA). It was one of the international chartered sections of ISA, the headquarter of which is at Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. Among the founding members are Mr. R E (Bob) Hilton (Esso), Mr. Tan York Peng (Esso), Mr. Loke Kong Meng (SISIR), Mr. Cheng Huang Leng (Singapore Polytechnic), Mr. Chong Pak Yuen (Shell), Mr. Tony Lee (Foxboro) and Mr. John Dukes (Core Laboratory).

On November 1976, the section has its first AGM, after which Mr. Soh Juin Wei of the Singapore Technical Institute was elected President. Since then, the society has been very active, striving to meet its objective: "To advance and reinforce the arts and science related to theory, design, manufacturing and use of instruments and control in the various sciences and technologies for the benefit of mankind."

On May 1984, in accordance with the Constitutions and Bylaws, a Special General meeting was held and the motion to change the society was proposed, seconded and voted. The name 'Instrumentation and Control Society' was adopted and was later approved by the Singapore Registrar of Society (August 1984).