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Membership Classification


Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is intended for organizations, both private and public, which apply for membership in the name of the organization. Every organization is allowed to nominate five representatives as corporate members. For details and benefits in joining ICS as a corporate member, kindly contact any of the council members or click here.

Individual Membership

Honorary Members
Honorary Membership shall be reserved for those individuals whose outstanding contributions to the advancement of the arts and sciences of instrumentation are worthy of special recognition. Honorary Membership is awarded by the Executive Council Board of ICS.


A Fellow is elected by the Executive board of the ICS. A Senior Member shall be eligible for election as a Fellow provided.
a) He shall have been a Senior Member for not less than 10 years.
b) He shall have no less than 15 years of active instrumentation work.
c) He shall have had acknowledged engineering and scientific attainments.
d) He shall be nominated by five Fellows or nine Senior Members and Fellows in accordance with procedures established by the Society Admissions Committee of ICS.
Senior Members
To be eligible for election as a Senior Member, a Member, an advancement or admission shall be:
a) A graduate of an engineering or science curriculum and in addition shall have not less than 6 years of active instrumentation work, two of which shall have been in a position of responsible charge. An advanced degree may be counted as one of the six years of active instrumentation work.
b) Or, if not such a graduate, he shall have had 10 years of active instrumentation work, two of which shall have been in a position of responsible charge.
Application for Senior Membership shall be submitted to the Society Admission Committee for referral to the Society Council.


Any person interested in the objectives of ICS shall be eligible for election as member.

Associate Members

Election as Associate Member shall be limited to those persons whose principle interest and occupation are not in the instrumentation field.

Student Members

A person is eligible to become a Student Member if:
a) He is registered as a full time student or
b) He is enrolled in an organized instrument for Student Membership only during the first two years of his course.
When the Student Member is no longer eligible for this class of Membership, he will nonetheless be granted an extension of the student-rate dues and privileges for one year.