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ICS President

Dear Colleagues,

It is my privilege to represent the ICS council and take you through the ICS profile, its activities and plans.

ICS was originally known as the Singapore section of the Instrument Society of America (ISA), on November 1976, the section had its first AGM. Since then, the society has been very active, striving to meet its objective.

In May 1984, in accordance with the Constitutions and Bylaws of Singapore, a Special General meeting was held and the motion to change the society was proposed, seconded and voted. The name 'Instrumentation and Control Society' was adopted and was later approved by the Singapore Registrar of Society (August 1984).

Now at the 27th year, we are entering into a very challenging year for the industry. There is a renewed demand for improvements in processes and controls. With the uncertain economic climate and increased accountability to environmental practices, industrial operators are faced with challenges to ensure the robustness of their automation and process controls. More efficiently designed plants, for long-term operability, also need to be considered.

We hope our Society will be able to influence the EDB and other statutory boards to help identify areas to focus to not only improve the productivity of the existing manpower but in planning to ensure that the right numbers of people with the right range of skill sets are available to meet the industry’s needs over the coming years. Working alongside academic institutions, training companies and research centres we would continue to contribute by arranging relevant courses and trainings to cater to day-to-day Industry needs. And, will also form a valuable part of implementing this step-by-step process.

I am confident that ICS can continue to play an important role, not only through presentations at upcoming conferences, providing the necessary platforms for the industries to meet, network and share ideas on how to handle key challenges and the opportunities available but also encourage dialogue between the various manufacturers and organizations to find better, more efficient solutions in emerging technologies.

We would also like to see greater participation from small to medium-size companies participating and presenting in all the events & conferences which plays an important role in the economy of Singapore. With this, we are releasing our first set of quarterly Newsletter today, to reach out to our members more effectively. Our members are invited to use this platform to further their own educational efforts.

I would like to appeal to all the members and new members to join a vibrant, energetic new committee.

Tan Kok Poh